At Meraki Consulting, we believe that businesses are like a grand puzzle, constantly evolving and growing. And as you navigate this journey, it can be challenging to keep all the pieces in place. That’s where we come in. We’re here to be a valuable piece in your puzzle, helping you solve complex problems, create breakthroughs and support the day-to-day operations that keep your business moving forward. Our extensive experience and deep understanding of both marketing and sales, enables us to seamlessly align these initiatives and drive accelerated growth. Whether you’re looking to work on or in your business, we’re here to help you achieve success. Let us be your partner in the journey of building your business puzzle together.


Fueled by a challenge, Devin Amberg has made a career out of helping companies turnaround underperforming areas, rally sales teams, build new divisions and identify creative solutions to unlock new market potential.


Most recently as a strategic business development consultant at Dell, he has led research and analysis on critical trends to identify potential market opportunities and threats and forge new growth strategies.


He naturally gained followers as a sought-out sales professional and delivered results early in his career, earning him an early promotion at Hormel Foods to oversee a 9-state territory. He went on to lead one of the fastest growing and most profitable divisions at Marco while also taking a key role in integrating mergers and acquisitions, developing new go to market plans and coaching team members on how to get the most out of their careers. 

Devin has the uncanny capability to tackle the problems no one wants to address, identify the thread that needs pulling and design clear plans to drive results. Today, at Meraki Consulting, he appreciates opportunities to work alongside forward-thinking leaders interested in gaining the data, analysis and plans to promote sales growth and the customer experience.

He holds a Masters in Corporate Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Penn State and will often be found reading a new book on the theory and application of effective leadership and growth.

Devin's CAREER

After serving in strategic advising and leadership roles at Dell, Marco and Hormel Foods, he started Meraki Consulting to help businesses of all sizes gain the analysis, tools, training and plans to achieve sales growth and improve the customer experience.


Masters in Corporate Innovation & Entrepreneurship from The Pennsylvania State University Bachelor of Science, Marketing & Sales from St. Cloud State University Herberger Business School


Management Consulting Certification – Pennsylvania State University Professional Selling Specialization Certification – St. Cloud State University

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